If you were in Kazakhstan, but did not see the white Kazakh yurt on the green meadows dzhaylyau, you can not enjoy the very full life of the Kazakhs. Yurt - one of the oldest and greatest inventions of Eurasian nomads. At all times it was a practical and convenient accommodation Kazakh yurt. The snow-white dome in the green foothill dzhaylyau, fabulous play of carpets and tekemets, perfect prefabricated home of a nomad, that is - a legend or reality? Perhaps all together and many other wonders and mysteries embodies a unique, polished by centuries of traditional phenomenon of portable houses Kazakhs. This original house, loaded on camels, accompanied by your ancestor or a modern shepherd from hibernation in the spring pasture, obediently followed you, your children, wives and herds from summer to autumn dzhaylyau Kuze. Originality of this type of housing, architecture, created from felt and flexible withy, began today for each of us a symbol of far-reaching homeland, the ancient culture of the people.

Speaking of the Kazakh yurt, we can confidently say that the dwelling was not only just thought to the needs of the nomadic way of life, and her grace ornamental decoration of different decor, but the principle is the construction of the yurt was a reflection of their views on the world around us. Yurt brings a thoughtful and adapted the principle of communion with nature, the surface of the steppe and high mountains, alpine meadows and tenderness of the endless blue skies. Stay there a couple of hours for a bowl of hot flavored tea, spend the night in the tent, when he looked through the jar shanyrak, your face will touch the cool light of distant stars, and you will feel strange, inexplicable feeling of comfortable security at home and at the same time a sense of infinite openness of universe, moving with an infinite length of the universe. This unusual way of life was probably dictated by the ancestors of the Kazakhs is not only the specifics of their nomadic economy, but also arose from the need to feel part of a whole, to live in unison rhythms of the universe.

Kazakh yurt - kiiz yd - a product of traditional culture based on the ecological balance, a culture that seeks its development does not dominate and change nature and to learn its laws and apply them in their daily lives. The receiver nature as a natural shelter, a nomad created his own house by her own laws. He made it easy for assembly and disassembly, with the help of one camel and two horses the entire construction of the yurt and the decoration of the interior is easily transported. In the optimum comfort of its structure wholly reflected the dynamism of the nomadic life. It keeps the cool air on hot summer days and protected from cold winds piercing without getting wet from the torrential flows of autumn rains.

Built entirely from natural materials, Kazakh yurt became a kind of continuation and development of opportunities for nature protection and comfort of human life: the flexibility of willow - willow, an indispensable material for the wooden frame-kerege; density tugogo impervious to rain jets and the sun scorching steppe felt, specially manufactured to meet the tent only to fall from the wool shearing special breeds of sheep.

Obustraivanie place to live as a sort of the universe - the basic principle of building a traditional Kazakh yurt. No temple, just the daily housing Kazakh its multi-valued, large symbols likened the universe, and only if it gave its owner the full sense of home. Merge with nature, in harmony with it and with it the Cosmos, originating at the level of material and design of the yurt, continues and intensifies in its interior. Almost all types of traditional crafts Kazakhs emerged from time immemorial and have passed on all the vicissitudes of history, are involved in setting and decoration of interior decoration of the yurt. There are competing with each other colorful multicolored ornamental patterns, texture and richness of the plastic wood-carving, embroidery, felt rugs, mats Lasiagrostis splendens, leather and metal, thus creating a unique polyphony of colors and lines.



                      Nursultan Nazarbayev
Kazakistan Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaşkanı
Nüfus 16.009.597
Yüzölçümü 2.724.900 km²
Başkent Astana
K. B. Düşen Milli Gelir $2470
Büyüme Oranı % 9
Başlıca Şehirler: Astana, Almatı, Baykonur, Çimkent, Karaganda, KostanaiUralsk, Kızılorda, Semey, Taraz, Turkestan
Telefon Kodu +7-6xx, +7-7xx


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